Our Commitment to Child Safe Sport

Bazgym Missions

Our mission is to built positive and healthy children, and allow them to reach their physical potential.

Safety @ BazGym Gymnastics School

Safety is our top priority at BazGym. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the following rules:

  • Students with long hair must tie up their hair during class

  • Watches, jewelry or large earrings should not be worn

  • Girls should wear a gymnastics leotard, or a t-shirt tucked into shorts or stretch pants

  • Boys should wear a t-shirt tucked into shorts or stretch pants

  • All students should stay in line and listen attentively to the coach

  • Playing and running around during the class is not permitted

  • Use of any equipment without coach’s supervision is not permitted

  • Students should inform their coach if they are feeling unwell

  • Siblings and friends and who are not having lessons are not allowed in the gym

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the benefits of learning gymnastics?

1) Develop spatial awareness

This simply means children have less chances of running into walls, tables and chairs or other obstacles, including their peers! With basic strength and skills, they will be likely to better enjoy games and activities with their friends.

2) Develop Self-Confidence & Discipline

We emphasise on building our students up through encouragement and disciplined training. We see our students grow in confidence as they successfully master new skills.

3) Become Physically Fit!

Gymnastics develops flexibility, strength and muscular endurance. It also trains balance, agility, co-ordination and spatial awareness.

Can I drop my child(ren) off for classes and pick them up later?

BazGym is not equipped to supervise children before or after classes. We do not allow students to use the gym outside of lesson time to prevent children from hurting themselves. Parents of children who are unable to safely supervise themselves are advised to stay on-site during their child’s class.

Does BazGym offer make-ups classes?

We offer make-up classes to students with valid medical certification if there are available classes that suit your schedule. There will be no refund for classes missed without medical certification. Do note that make-up classes cannot be brought over to another term.

What if my child(ren) has minor illness which does not warrant a doctor visit?

As a policy, we do not provide make-up class without medical certification. However, we can make exceptions on a case by case basis if there are classes available. Please speak to your child’s coach or admin staff to discuss such exceptions.

Why is there a $50 registration fee?

This is for administrative charges, and also to encourage consistency in attendance. The benefits of any educational programme come with long-term commitment. We charge a one-time registration fee rather than an annual administrative fee (which is commonly practiced) to encourage our students to continue their gymnastics education on a long-term basis.

Can both of my kids attend the same class at the same time?

More often than not, siblings will not be placed in the same class because of age differences. However, we will try our best to offer you classes where you can bring both of your kids on the same day.

Will you notify or remind me on the late charges afte the school fees deadline?

Yes. We will send a notice to inform you of the school fees deadline.