We have gymnastics programmes for children starting from 3 years old, which is the critical period in which children develop their coordination and agility. Our programmes are specially designed to suit our students’ age and ability.

We also have a new adult gymnastics programme at our SAFRA Jurong branch.

All our classes are conducted in our fully equipped gymnasiums. At BazGym, for our children’s programme, the maximum students to coaches ratio per class is 8:1 in order to give each student sufficient attention.

We welcome new students!

We offer a trial lesson for new students at a $45 fee for all programmes*.

Come for a trial first before deciding to sign up with our programmes.

Do give us a call at 6256 8191 (Balestier) / 6686 4309 (Jurong) / 6386 0322 (Punggol) for more information or to book a slot!

Mini Bear (3-4 years)

Parents or guardians participate along with their children in this class, giving the child the opportunity to grow comfortably in a group situation at his or her own pace. It is designed to be fun and broaden children’s awareness of their surroundings and develop fundamental movement skills. Activities include use of trampoline, balance beam, junior bars, balls and hoops.

Gym Bear (4-5 years)

This class will be slightly more skill-oriented so as the kids move along, we challenge them with progressively more ‘skills’ and less ‘general movement’. It is designed to teach the basic skills of gymnastics on gymnastics equipment, whilst also developing the children’s ability to listen to instructions, inculcate discipline and teamwork. This is a fun, skill and routine based program. This programme aims to develop simple life skills essential to their growth and future success. They will learn to function independently from their parent in a group situation. Greater emphasis is placed on fundamental gymnastics skill and physical challenges will be monitored closely by our coaches for safety. Any ‘failed attempts’ are seen for what they are – a normal piece of the learning puzzle.

Gym Boy / Gym Girl (5 years and above)

This programme is designed to teach the basic skills of gymnastics on gymnastics equipment, while developing our students’ ability to listen to instructions, inculcate discipline and encourage teamwork.

Recreational-Competitive / Competitive

The “by-invitation” competitive programme emphasises on excellence while enjoying the sport. The length of class will be at least 2 hours. These classes will be offered to students who show potential in gymnastics and are able to commit to the training required.


This class is specially catered for children with special needs. The aspiration of BazGym’s physiogym class is to use the gymnastics environment as a tool to increase childrens’ potential to function at higher levels in their everyday lives. The programme also aims to improve their confidence.

Very often, therapists in hospital and clinics, after diagnosis, do not have the means and resources to work with children on a long term basis. BazGym’s physiogym classes take gymnastics elements and transform them into a fun, dynamic and fulfilling class. The programme is designed to have variety of athletic and creative skill-set for the children to perform while also having the social element of peer contact with other children.

Adult classes

Our adult classes are suitable for adults who want to experience the thrill and exhilaration of learning gymnastics skills such as handstands, rolls, swings on bars, or just to have another great avenue to keep fit while having fun training with other like-minded adults.

We welcome all adults, even those with no experience.

*Only valid for children’s classes. Adult classes are separately charged.