The working relationship between coaches and teachers and the school has been very encouraging. The coaches are very open to listening to concerns and issues highlighted. They are genuinely interested in ensuring that all children in the programme benefit from it. They are very open to learning and their lessons are child-centred. They also take the time to explain to parents about the various beneficial exercises and give them further tips on how to improve their children’s strength, flexibility, and co-ordination. Rainbow Centre School, on BazGym’s school programme.
– Mrs Linda Prebhas – Vice Principal, Rainbow Centre on BazGym’s Physio Programme
Our daughter is a young gymnast who started competitive training with BazGym 2 years ago. Back then, even though she enjoyed her training sessions at BazGym, her self-confidence diminished quickly as she attempted more difficult skills. This was when our daughter’s main coach, Youzi Sai, an incredible motivator and a consummate professional, took to coaching our daughter and changed her life and her gym journey. My daughter has progressed much more than we ever expected of her. In preparation for her recent competition, her coaches at BazGym had designed a training programme specific to her needs. Within a short span of 12 weeks, we were amazed by the visible improvement in her execution of the different gymnastics skills. It was the fun and nurturing way of coaching gymnastics that made all the difference to our daughter.Our daughter is aware that for her to do well in gymnastics, she needs solid coaches and that she also has to work hard. And because, her coaches explain the rational for the exercises she does, she is now more motivated than ever to do the conditioning exercises. All these years, BazGym Gymnastics School has never once neglected her safety and well-being. Our daughter’s self-confidence has grown and she loves training at BazGym. Kudos to her wonderful coaches at BazGym Gymnastics School.
-Hsien Yi – Parent, on BazGym’s Competitive Programme
 Thank you for the past 2 years @ BazGym! Jayden and his brother Jethro have benefitted tremendously from lessons here. They’ve enjoyed the sessions and like their teachers very much. Unfortunately, we cannot continues due to the constraint of other commitments. hope to come back someday. Thank you and have a great time! Regards.
-Yen Sih – Parent, on BazGym’s Gym Boys/Girls Programme
This is my second time bringing my students to BazGym for the excursion. We were amazed by Mr Cheng and his team of coaches. They were highly qualified and planned a series of activities that were challenging, age appropriate and exciting for the children. Initially, I was afraid that the young children might take a longer while to warm up to the environment and new faces. However, children were quick to warm up to the coaches who were friendly and warm. The parents who went with us, praised them for the well-planned activities as well as their professional attitude towards gymnastics. I will definitely recommend BazGym to my colleagues and friends.
– Ms Felicia Khoo – Teacher, Chatsworth Kindergarten, on BazGym’s Field-Trip Programme